Ask not what your country can do for your #401K, ask what you can do for it.

Improve by yourself the quality of your future retirement in 6 simple steps:


Step 1   Make your financial plan (make it feasible)

Set your goals on time and amount of accumulated money. Set your contributions plan, taking all the tax advantages that the government offers and any contributions you can get from your employer. Project your future today considering your accumulated funds and a conservative annual rate of 7.25%. In the last seven years the average yield of S&P500 index was 7.25%, annually.

To advise management on how to do this S&P500 Alert  suggests you move your retirement savings when funds from riskier to more conservative, and vice versa, with our Dual Investment Strategy.


Step 2   Diversify with ETFs (make it simple)

Today it is very easy to diversify our investment through ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). These simulate the behavior of a set of instruments such as would an investment fund, but with the difference that is traded in the market like an individual stock. Thus an ETF that simulate the behavior of the S&P500 index we can invest in the 500 stocks included in the index in a single act. There are several ETFs on the market that simulate this behavior as well as other less risky assets such as government bonds.

Step 3   Select low-cost brokers (make it cheap)

Another advantage of investing in ETFs is their low trading cost. Every time we buy or sell any financial instrument, we incur a transaction cost. We must ensure that this cost is minimized and, at the same time, minimize our operations.


Step 4   Invest in your own country (make it for the next generation)

The United States, as financial, commercial and industrial plaza, is the nicest house on the block. Is highly credible, stable rules, legal security, good environment for entrepreneurship and innovation, among other attributes. Still, globalization, communication speed and large flows of money, make it imperative you must be prepared to react appropriately to future crises such as the 2008’s.

Step 5   Use our strategy (make it profitable and safe)

Use our dual investment strategy to manage your 401K, IRA or any savings procedure. Saving money is not easy. It always involves some sacrifice or deferred consumption. No one can afford to lose some or stop winning, reasonably.

Step 6   Use our tools (make it accountable)

In addition to our investment recommendations, our customers have access to graphical tools that allow monitoring the performance of:

  • S&P500
  • Treasury Bonds 1-3 years
  • The profitability of our model, according to our recommendations
  • Your own profitability, according to your own trading

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